This is what happened after LOONA's Seoul concert

Chuu: They didn't give me any notice regarding my participation in the afternoon's schedule so it's a shame for me too.... I miss you a lot too

Tweet: ? What's the meaning behind this? I'm going to kill you seriously

"Don't tell me you didn't get the notice for Seoul concert?"

Chuu said that they didn't relay any information to her 

Q: Nuna, you didn't get the Seoul concert notice??
"Yup yup, in our 12 people group chat as well as our agenda, we all got the notice, we all knew about it!! I'm looking forward!!!"

Meanwhile, another member answered this to a fan's question. She said that there's a group chat with 12 members where they got the notice. Obviously, because LOONA are 12 people, everyone just assumed they were all in the group chat together, but the fact is that Chuu never got the notice. So right now, people are speculating that what she meant by 12 people meant the 11 members + the manager and they omitted Chuu from the group chat

Chuu: I feel like my words are getting twisted, so I'm going to say something about this. I'm not saying that I can attend all the schedules just because they're released. The company is the one to decide, so they need to release a notice, then we can decide whether I can participate or not. So even if we get an alarm about the schedule, I don't know whether I can participate or not

There were lots of talks circulating, so Chuu had to re-clarify herself. In the end, she never mentioned whether they relayed the information or not and her words were severely distorted

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1. [+190, -0]
At this rate, it's impossible that there's no discord between the 11 of them and Chuu... 

2. [+187, -0]
Just how much did Chuu give them... If they had any shame, shouldn't the company carry Chuu on their backs??? 

3. [+143, -0]
It's thanks to Chuu that LOONA is even known as a group, why are they so mean towards her?ㅋㅋㅋ Why aren't they able to give preferential treatment to Chuu..?

4. [+99,- 0]
In my opinion, Chuu already found a company for herself so the company is acting as if they know 

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Blockberry f*cking sucks 

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