Seriously you must watch the video and all go reflect
Even when Twice came back this time, they had so much bullsh*t thrown at them, but you guys need to wake up
You're crazy about bashing and swearing at female idols, and you're being seduced in doing it. Stop this already
I feel like nowadays, it's been legendarily bad

"It's not like I've committed a crime" 

(t/n: we will translate the content of the screencaps moving down)
"I'm not looking at people with that kind of stare"
"Honestly editing and cutting up parts of clips with an evil intent"
"There are so many things, but they would select that little part of it"
"And say stuff like 'what was she thinking there?"
"When I look at other friends who are hurt by these, I feel hurt too"
"If you look at the comments over there, they're all weird"
"Because everyone agrees in the comments"
"It makes you realize that there are way more weird people than you think"
"Once you fall into it, it's hard to get out"
"It's better to just not look at it"

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1. [+231, -5]
If you look at the most trending posts in real time on DC Gallery, there are lots of forced hate post right now. The kids over there are all insane

2. [+203, -16]
Nayeon and Dahyun got so much sworn at for being b*tches sigh, they must've had it hard

3. [+145, -7]
The crazy b*tches who swore at them will never wake up though 

4. [+80, -4]
People like Sojang deserves the death penalty 

5. [+60, -6]
Pann girls are so dumb that they probably don't even realize she's talking about you guysㅋㅋㅋ If even this is too difficult for you, who will be there to explain in detail ?

6. [+54, -2]
Looking at this, she's straight up talking about Dahyun's bad rumors that Pann started

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