How did they become like this? I thought that they would be at the top of the 4th gen with Aespa when they did ASAP

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1. [+302, -13]
I feel like if they got rid of all their concepts now and just went with something PRETTY!!!!!! and have Yoon and J as the pivot for their visuals, they will be able to rebound. No bangs, no short hair, no colored hair

2. [+283, -1]
The mid-agency smell is just too strong... Please, start by changing your coordi;;

3. [+249, -2]
Even Momoland, they hit super daebak just with Boom Boom alone

4. [+215, -2]
Their hair, makeup and coordi are a shame but first of all, their voices are too piercing so when I listen to their songs, my ears hurt... so I don't really listen to them

5. [+160, -1]
What about not pushing Yoon from now and push J and Isa? Yoon gets too many divided opinions when pushed as a main. I think that having J as the main visual and Sieun and Isa sing the chorus would be right

6. [+1212, -2]
They were fine until ASAP but after that, their songs were just unappealing. They have that tacky way of singing and Yoon always tear up the high pitch in the chorusㅠㅠ I hope they stop

7. [+107, 0]
I also thought they were fine but their songs and concepts are...ㅜㅜ Ever since IVE and NewJeans appeared, I haven't thought of STAYC at all...

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