[enter-talk/instiz] KARINA IS DAEBAK;; ft. GISELLE

She looked f*********cking pretty in journalist pictures today 
Because of her thick stage makeup, they hid such a pretty face;;; 
I don't stan any idols but I'm becoming a Karina fan today.. 

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Karina looks so soft and pretty when she has a ponytail ㅠ She a baby snake 

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She's a f*cking baby snake... Freaking cute 

3. [+14, -12]
Let's stan Yoo Jimin together❤️

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How can you look this good on journalist picturesㅠㅠㅠ Unnie I love you 

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Why are people downvoting comments praising her so much?;; 


She's the only one with knees at that level 

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1. All 3 of them look so tall 

2. She's tall and her legs are so long. I think she's close to 170 
> [OP] I don't know but I thought I saw she was in the mid 160s
> Nop, she's the shortest of the 3! She's actually 163!
> Wow hul

3. No but it's true that her knees are super highㅎㄷㄷ

4. But now her height is similar to Karina's isn't she just wearing heels..??

5. What's up with Giselle's proportions 

6. No but she's tall alright, but how come she's so pretty???

7. She looks 165, she's so tall 

8. Oh all 3 look so good on this photo 

9. Why are people only writing business posts about Giselle's long legs? And you're doing that while comparing her to other members

10. Stop comparing them 

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