They are all people living off others' attention so is this too much of an obvious question...?

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1. Just why would you use a word like "attention seeker" with such negative connotation?..

2. Are you also an attention seeker??

3. Everyone is biologically an attention seeker... there are some kids who claim that they are not attention seekers and I think that they are just trying to rationalize it

4. You who wrote this post is the biggest attention seeker here

5. The way you express things is a bit...

6. Everyone is an attention seeker. If you are not an attention seeker, you have some personality disorder

7. You're asking this is a place where people are fangirling on celebrities..

8. But the word "attention seeker" doesn't have any good connotation. Also, for actors, they are debuting in orer to act and idols debut in order to be idols. So are you calling everyone who works in a field that receives attetion "attention seekers"?

9. What a weird question...

10. Their job makes them receive attention. Does that automatically make them "attention seekers"?

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