As a result of OSEN coverage on the 15th, singer Jimin from AOA will perform a special stage of Hyori Lee's representative song 'U-Go-Girl' at JTBC's 'The Second World'.

Jimin's selection of Hyori Lee's 'U-Go-Girl' has a special reason and meaning. This is because it was Lee Hyori who first reached out to Jimin, who was going through a difficult time.

In July 2020, Jimin left the group and retired from the entertainment industry after being identified as the instigator of a bullying incident within the AOA group. However, since then, public opinion has been reversed, and Jimin posted a post hinting her return on Instagram on January 8 in time for her birthday.

Jimin, who had been sharing her current situation through SNS, signed an exclusive contract with ALO MALO Entertainment on July 14th and declared a new start. [...]

Lee Hyori first contacted Jimin through SNS DM when Jimin was going through a difficult time. Lee Hyori, who had no relationship with Jimin, was a sunbae from a girl group and first reached out to her after seeing the sad story of her hoobae. It is said that Jimin went to Jeju Island on a whim and gained strength by living with Lee Hyori.

Jimin, who received support from Lee Hyori and gained strength to return to the entertainment industry, and will be performing the ‘U-Go-Girl’ stage with gratitude for Lee Hyori. As there is a special reason, the stage is expected to be an emotional one. [...]

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1. Wow... I knew that she didn't have much people close to her, but the fact that Lee Hyori is the one who contacted her first was seriously such a warm moveㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. Wow Lee Hyori is amazing 

3. But...Why?

4. Why would she help her? Jimin is already turned into the assailant in the entertainment industry and everyone knew it no?
> Wouldn't she just try to contact her as someone who has experience in a girl group? If you have conflicts while promoting, it doesn't mean that someone has to be the assailant and someone has to be the victim 

5. Lee Hyori seriously saved someone's life

6. I hope Jimin succeeds 

7. Seriously, we could've ended up killing someone. It's true that people lashed out on her. People literally ganged up on her thinking that the other party's words were the hard truth, it's hilarious to see the general sentiment suddenly change now 

8. Huh...? But isn't Jimin the assailant?

9. Jimin's mistakes aside, Lee Hyori is seriously the bigger person 

10. Controversy aside, this action seriously probably saved someone's lifeㅎ..

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