Hello. This is Heo Chan.

First, I bow my head and sincerely apologize for having to convey this shameful news ahead of many scheduled activities.

Once again, I apologize for causing social controversy due to my wrongful behavior on September 20.

As a public figure who should set a positive example for the general public and my fans, I should have felt even greater responsibility for my actions, but instead, I wound up causing great disappointment through a single moment in which I made the wrong choice.

I’m sincerely reflecting on my wrongdoing, and I’m spending each and every day immersed in regret and self-blame.

Above all else, I ended up looking back on myself and my shortcomings once again while thinking of our fans who have spent the past six years believing in me and cheering me on, as well as my fellow [VICTON] members, the people at our agency, our many staff members, and the many other people who must have been hurt by my actions.

Compared to the hurt and disappointment that all of you must have felt because of this incident, I will repent many times more deeply and feel this [penitence] all the way down to my bones. I will engrave all of the criticism and rebuke I receive for my irreversible actions in my heart, and I will reflect deeply on myself so that I can live my life while becoming someone of whom I am not ashamed.

Once again, I bow my head and sincerely apologize for causing this controversy.

I’m sorry.

Cr. Soompi

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1. Looks like he has no intention to withdraw

2. He didn't mention his mistake even once

3. It's good that he knwos he's in the wrong, but an apology has no meaning to society 

4. DUI isn't just some impromptu choice, it says a lot about your character, that's just how he was raised

5. Not this "Wrongul behaviour" bullsh*tㅋㅋㅋㅎ He completely disregarded the action he committed which was DUI~~~ That was the mistake you committed, why ommit it?

6. We don't want mentions of 'promotion' but 'withdrawal'

7. Withdraw

8. Hul I was wondering what he was getting at and found out in the comments he did GUI...

9. ???? DUI???? Omo

10. What did he do....??..
> DUI 

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