Why is everyone getting surgery..?ㅠ
Instead of looking pretty in their own way, everyone looks pretty in the same way, but then, it makes me wonder what's the poin?ㅜㅜ Even so, if you become prettier after getting surgery and get treated better then... I also have small complexes about my looks so I tried to inquire (things about looks) here and there but I just end up having a reality check..

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1. [+65, -1]
I don't think that anyone is pretty from that picture. Nowadays, if you look at the faces that were operated on, they all look the same

2. [+49, -8]
Natural beauties like Lee Yeonhee are so beautiful

3. [+48, -2]
Their eyes are all opened up by cutting their outline, semi-outline, inner corners and outer corners. If their noses are not half-sock-line noses, they will have straight noses with a low nosebridge and high tip (T/N: see picture below). They fill their cheeks and forehead with protruding fillers. Isn't the trend nowadays the 'o3o'-looking face? Everyone does look the same nowadays..
(From left to right: sock-nose / half-sock nose / straight-half-sock nose/ straight nose. The "sock nose" has a low nose bridge but high tip (like a curve) and the nose gets straighter as you go to the right side)

4. [+41, -2]
If there are more plastic beauties, the era where natural beauties stand out will come

5. [+21, 0]
I'm so tired of artificial beauties. Even less pretty natural beauties are better.

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