Infinite's Lee Sungjong revealed news about his lifestyle on 'Cultwo Show'.

He surprised Kim Taegyun and Yoo Minsang by saying, "I ate one egg today. I divided it into three and ate it three times."

Then, "I don't eat dinner, I eat three pieces of almonds. When I'm tired, I drink a box of soy milk and three almonds to give me strength. I get energy while appearing on TV so I don't feel hungry."

When asked if he always had a small apetite, he replied, "I often heard a lot of nagging from my parents when I was young."

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1. Why does this guy do all of this just to be on broadcast lately? It looks like he calculates everything just so he can be on broadcast, this one is severe

2. Can they stop mentioning stuff like that

3. The hospital I used to stay at had celebrities come in every other day because they needed IV shots and were vitamin deficient. And these people are the ones who always get mentioned by Theqoo for being their body goals

4. Hul... And his body is able to function like that?? 

5. Is he even healthy? If yes who cares..ㅋㅋ I hope he gives us news about his healthy lifestyle in the future!

6. If it suits himself, it must be nice... Nowadays, I'm seeing so many underage kids who are trying to excessively starve themselves to look skinnier, it's becoming an issue. I really hope people stopped mentioning body-related topics on broadcasts

7. He's starving himself, this isn't newsworthy 

8. He's 20cm taller than me but he has the same weight as meㅎㅎㅋ

9. Me too I want to live like that... 

10. How is he still alive? Doesn't he faint? 

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