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1. Looks like Jaechan is indeed popular! Congrats

2. This isn't an acting award for 100% a popularity award, so just accept it if you lost, why do people have so much to say? If you claim that this is fabricated, then show us the proofsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ People are here pushing their own agenda saying stuff like "That person is more popular than my bias??? This is fabricated" 

3. Wow as a muggle, I feel like Junho is way more popular with the general public, he's actually a wall. But looks like 'that guy' won thanks to the fans' slavery work. This makes me realize that fandom popularity isn't the same as general public popularity 

4. Hul what a shame for Junho but congrats to Jaechan 

5. How little value is an award that was earned through your fangirls spending money.......... Why would you go this far over votes...? Instead just go spend all that money to make a plaque of honor for your celebrity instead

6. Jaechan congrats!

7. Me too I feel like it's quite deplorable that 'that guy' received the award... But this is a good day today, so even if I feel betrayed seeing these news, I'll just decide to let it slide

8. All the fans who voted, you worked hard!! Now that the votes are over, just focus on fangirling!! I hope all the singers and actors here hit daebak 

9. Congrats to Im Youngwoon, Park Eunbin, Park Seoham and Park Jaechan🎉🎉🎉 And to the fans who voted for them please survive Monday, you guys worked so hard

10. Seriously this has nothing to do with acting, it's just people who watch BLs who voted for this 

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