"We are not sure whether the Korean series Big Mouth intends to racist Thailand? Because we are not sure if he translated correctly or not. But to say that after giving birth to a psychopath like you, your mother ate Tom Yum Kung? What is the meaning behind this? Can someone who knows Korean explain?"

I don't think OP is claiming that it was indeed racist, rather, they were asking whether it was

The drama's like: 
"Did your mom eat seaweed soup when she birthed you? I'm honestly curious so I'm asking. Giving birth to a psycho f*cker like you, just what in the hell did she eat? Tom Yum Kung? Or Seon Ji Gook? (Korean spicy soup)?"

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1. I'd get offended too ... Why would you bring up food like that..

2. I'd be offended too ㅡㅡ

3. It's so random, of course they'd be offended

4. Thai people have every right to be f*cking offended. I hope they cleanly apologize

5. Of course it'll be controversial. If a foreign drama had someone ask what their mom ate to have you and they mentioned at Korean dish, we'd get pissed too 

6. It's true that they made a mistake. Please cleanly apologize

7. I'd be f*cking offended if another country's dialogue said 'did you mom eat kimchi after having you?'

8. No but was this dialogue even necessary?

9. I don't think it was their intentions but they have the right to be offended

10. It's racism 

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