- Without you guys I don't think my job would have any meaning to it
- What's the point of being so productive?
- If not for you guys, what is my meaning?

- Just like a famous basketball coach said once: Have you ever tried making a stack of pens? Or laid down a brick wall? 
- We all come this far thanks to the general public's love
- There's no use to my success if I don't have your love

- I just live my life keeping this in mind
- Thank you honestly

- Why would I send private messages? Why would I do vlives?
- It's because that's how much I want to interact and talk with you 
- I want to pay back somehow

- There's barely anything I can do [to pay back]
- So it's nice that I can send private messages
- I'll work hard
- Of course I'll also work hard in my acting 

- That's why if you like me, good. If you don't like me, I can't help it
- I hope that everyone can have fun and be happy in this spce

His has a god mindset

original post: here

1. It's my first time seeing an actor with an idol's mindset...

2. But can people stop bashing idols using this actor? ^^ Please leave my actor alone

3. I really hope those deluded top stars learn from him 

4. Wow... His mindset is so coolㅜㅜㅠㅠ.. I really hope that my bias actor also start promoting with that mindset more...ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

5. I unsubscribed from private messages because of my previous bias, but I want to subscribe again 

6. Meanwhile, there are idols who don't even come to their private messages even once a month and they get into controversies with posts about them... He's seriously daebakㅋㅋㅋ

7. He's seriously such a nice person

8. It'll go up by 18x again 

9. I really hope my bias idol was like that too 

10. Wow crazy ah should I start fangirling again?

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