[theqoo] MUSIC CORE'S #1 TODAY

IVE congrats congrats

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1. Is it because they're female idols? All their digital scores are so highㄷㄷ Congrats to Ive

2. Seriously Ive are the big trend

3. The first time I listened to Ive's song, it was good but aside from that, the members are still so young, but they're way better than I expected. Congrats on your #1

4. The song is too goodㅜㅜ NewJeans are still nominated despite having wrapped up their promotions so they're also the big trend right now, I love both NewJeans and Ive

5. I love to see girl groups together like that☺️

6. Ive is doing so well lately congrats congrats

7. Yoohoo~

8. Yoohoo~ BlackPink's song is good too 

9. Ive are seriously super stars now. Honestly, the fact that they're almost head to head with BP on digital charts shows that we're in a shift of generations. NewJeans are indeed already the big trends of the 4th generation 

10. I could've justified anyone on the list winningㅋㅋㅋ This is outstanding. Ive congrats

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