71.94M views in 9 days

"Music chart statistics
1 week - 8.17 M views"

"Clarification about NCT's promotional ads

The YouTube chart from Friday 1:00 ~ 12:59 of the Friday of the week after compiled the statistics
NCT's 2 Baddies came out on Thursday at 6:00

This week's chart accounts for 19 hours since the release of the video and they had 20M views in total including the promotional views, while the actual views didn't even reach 4M (#100) so they didn't even enter the chart (T/N: I think OP meant that the top 100 of the chart started at 4M views and NCT's MV didn't chart in)

In this week's chart, the calculation doesn't account for the first day of release (T/N: which was counted in the previous week), but accounts for a whole week and they only got an additional 8M views. But counting the promotions, their total views were 65M views.

Until 1:00 this Friday, their real views were around 12M while their promotional views totalled 65M."

First week of coutning: They had 20M views and weren't in the chart because they had less than 4M actual views
Second week of counting: They had 65M views and 8M actual views and charted in

When they had 65M views in total, they had at least 8M and at most 12M actual views
So the proportion of promotional views over total views is around 82%-87%

They currently have over 70M views and probably around 60M were from promotions

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1. Did their MV really get 8M views? Are these calculations from YouTube and not abother site? Can they even have this big of a gap?..

2. Wow.. this is severe... At this point, it's not that their fans aren't watching their MVs but that their fandom isn't big enough to stream it as much no?

3. SM's level..

4. From my perspective, NCT's biggest fandoms are from China + Korea and since China is blocking YT, they only have Korea + overseas SM fans (excluding China) so that's why their views are so low... The fact that they can sell so many album is all thanks to China's loyal love towards SM...

5. Isn't their song bag though? I find NCT likable and am obsessed with their style (7th Sense, Limitless, Cherry Bomb, Make a Wish) but ever since Sticker, their songs have honestly been badㅜ 

6. I did feel that the promotional ads this time were severeㅜ Since they are releasing it at the same time as BP, they probably felt lacking. If you compare the likes to views with theirs and BP's, the difference is way too big

7. The promotional ads from this group is too severe...

8. Wow that's severe. They have way too little views compared to their sales

9. I thought they were popular

10. Wow are their fans skipping their song too? Just how is this possible...


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1. [+171, -3]
I feel like the company is always going above and beyond for this group... If only they didn't receive the Daesang during Seoul Music Award, they wouldn't have gotten half the hate they received, but they're making it way too obvious that they're promoting the group...

2. [+141, -8]
What's even more legendary about their fans is the fact that they're claiming that the actual Youtube data are fabricated ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+125, -12]
They have issues with their contract renewal and they have their military too. Usually for SM artists, during hiatus, they would usually make the members go solo. They did that with all their sunbae idols too right before contract renewal or right after. It would help with the group and their individual popularity. All their solos succeeded, on the contrary for NCT 127, their solos and their group activities failed to make them a place. Meanwhile the company went above and beyond to force a daesang on them. And the reactions backfired and they have the image that the company is trying desperately to push them now. So what are they going to do now? It's not like we're in the past generations when desperately pushing someone through mediaplay actually workedㅋㅋ Nowadays, if you look at the other singers, they're all successful thanks to their songs and skills. Even if they pull tricks like that, their castle will just crumble down like a sand castle because they have no foundation 

4. [+125, -5]
And the fans are claiming again that this is fabricated and that this is just a hate post. They weren't able to win a single #1 on music shows and their Spotify ranking is so low. Their digital scores are low and their MV views are all fake, these are just facts. How is this a hate pots?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+101, -2]
Even though OP didn't calculate the promotion proportions correctly, isn't it severe that they couldn't even reach 10M views out of 64M? And the fans are claiming that this is fabricated, but just where in this is fabricated? Those are literally Youtube dataㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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