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How can they have not even 3000 hearts in 24 hours? They have the worst results for a girl group that I've ever seen. Wadada did so well so how did they end up like that?? People are blaming it on the relationship controversy but Le Sserafim still succeeded dspite their controversy so Kim Dayeon isn't to blame here. You have to blame it on the song quality. Even for NMIXX, at first, people found their song weird, but they at least have some buzz, meanwhile, this group seems to have completely failed.. They don't even seem to have 500 fans and now they're even hit with a dating scandal... This is legendary, what are they going to do?

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1. [+49, -3]
They sold out their Japanese concert recently and even their goods sold out. In 2 days, they were able to earn 5 billion so I don't think the company nor the singers are still paying attention to Korea. The fans too , they don't even write any promotional posts on Pann anymore. So how many posts are you guys going to write about them? Stop giving them attention 

2. [+45, -0]
Kim Dayeon was one of the popular members and her relationship broke the day before their comeback... Kim Dayeon shouldn't be the only one bearing the blame, their fandom is their own anti

3. [+43, -0]
Don't worry, they're earning fine in Japan and they'll disband anywaysㅋㅋ

4. [+38, -0]
Anyways the fans aren't doing much domestically either, they'll earn as much as their fans want to put effort

5. [+29, -0]
Chaehyunie doesn't have any parts. This group is becoming harder and harder to listen to and they keep giving concepts that don't suit Chaehyunie at all. They always give those unflattering dance moves and raps and they always try to push Kim Dayeon, so everything else are falling apart

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