I honestly am not sure...
Her jaw is too long and big and her nose bridge is too thick
That's why if you saw her up-close, you won't see anything else but her nose
But she seems to be pretty if looked from afarㅋㅋㅋ

But because she's super kind, cute and hard working, she's likable

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1. [+45, -4]
To be honest, her chin is low and her facial lines aren't smoothe so she looks brusque. If I can say this nicely, she's handsome and the exact type of face that women would like. Of course, there are exceptions so don't come at me. I'm scared of Han Sohee's fans

2. [+37, -2]
Every time I see her, I can't see anything else but her chin. Because of her chin and cheeks, she freaking looks masculine so that's why girls can't help but like her. Handsome-looking women have way more female fans than feminine-looking women. But she's getting way too many exaggerated compliments

3. [+29, -2]
The reason why Han Sohee can't help but get divided opinions is because her face isn't feminine and the lines of her face aren't beautiful. The lines of her face are angular and the longer someone's chin is, the more they resemble a man. And the more your facial lines are smooth and your chin is short, the more your face looks cute... She's an androgynous beauty so girls are obsessed with her while men have divided opinions

4. [+29, -2]
Men have similar opinions . They say that her chin looks like Kim Gura's and that she has the type of face that women would like

5. [+26, -1]
Seriously, what's fascinating to me is that I and my mother praise her so much for being freaking pretty while my oppa and dad don't understand what's pretty about her.. My dad's ideal type is Lee Young Ae and my oppa's ideal type is Park Soojin. So that's why every time she's on TV, our opinions clash and we end up fightingㅋㅋ She definitely gets divided opinions based on your style

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