She can't sing
Her rap is also flat
She's the least popular 
She's also the bottom visual
I don't know if she's trying to adjust her dancing, but she's always faster than the other members
She always dances faster than she sings

Giselle has the rap position but she can't get the beat right
I wonder how SM picked her

Is it true that she's Sooman's girlfriend's niece? 
Otherwise why would they have picked her?

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1. [+116, -56]
She's almost G(i)-dle Shuhua level..

2. [+87, -108]
What about Johnny?

3. [+64, -38]
You're not even her fan so is it necessary to be this mad about it? You can just not look at her, you're making it obvious that you just want to swear at her and it's lowㅠㅠ

4. [+59, -213]
EXO Chanyeol, Soshi Taeyeon, RV Yeri, Aepsa Giselle: The 4 of them are all similar 

5. [+55, -62]
She got prettier after gaining weight lately though 

6. [+23, -29]
Isn't Giselle quite good at rapping though?? She's the best rapper out of SM's girl groups

7. [+22, -8]
Jisoo is also not very talented, she sounds like a pig who caught a cold 

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