She's going to Paris again this week
There were a few journalists and fansites pictures that were out and her legs are seriously solid

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There's not one picture that came out badly.. I don't understand why ou guys would hate on every little behavior that girls do. You can't hate her for her looks. And hat's more is that she acts like a pro for her age and she's on a roll. Even if I'm not a fan of Jang Wonyoung, I look at her with awe every day. She's really the prettiest in the celebrity world. If you count both face and body, it's hard to find someone who can compete against Jang Wonyoung both among actors and idols. She's still in her teens so I wonder just how much of a goddess she'll become once she loses her baby fat

2. [+43, -4]
I can understand why DC Gallery adn the people here have such inferiority complex against her

3. [+38, -13]
Celebrities must hate standing next to her

4. [+28, 0]
Her legs are seriously long

5. [+17, 0]
Wow... I'm so jealous of her legs' length...

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Those were taken with just a basic camera randomly and she still managed to look like that?

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