He arrived by himself to promote for Qatar World Cup some days ago
The moment he arrived, he gavea  warm greeting to the ARMYs

Wherever he went, there were lots of people gathering around
Whenever he saw the fans at the hotel or shooting sites, he always smiled brightly back 

He even greets people during his shooting 

Even after shooting, on his way back, he greets

He sends hearts to the fans even from afar and raises his hand to his chest

Even in the night market, with so many people around, he's saying hello to people

On the 2nd day of shooting, he's waving his hand wearing shorts

On his way out, he's also waving his hand in the car

The fans have been waiting for so long under the hot weather in front of the hotel
so Jungkook prepared cold water and drinks 

Even though he was busy and didn't get time to adjust to the time difference, he's still keeping his manners
Here's Jungkook looking satisfied being treated as Qatar's prince

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1. [+351, -1]
Jungkook's sweet point is his consistent manner in front of the fans

2. [+341, -0]
The moment our Jungkookie returned, he threw his bag to the floor and did a 90 degree bow

3. [+315, -1]
Why is he so cute when he was preparing to greet the fans and the journalists?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+290, -0]
The fact that he takes care of the fans with water when they're having a hard time hasn't changed

5. [+269, -0]
He's talented at his jon, he's handsome and his personality is kind. His love for his fans is amazing too, you can't help but like him 

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