This is just a suggestion for an article. I know that you want many views, bad press or good press is not important as long as many people interact with your site. But this is a hot topic and you could do something meaningful for the kpop community. Since newjeans debut something really dangerous is starting to grown in the kpop community. People are starting to denigrate older fans, calling weird or worse whoever enjoys kpop at an age older than 25. Music is music, performance, fashion, entertainment etc should not have an age restriction like that. It's logic but some people with savior complex have influenced many by thinking that s*xualisation and bad intentions are always around the corner and that adult  bad. An article on the matter would attract a lot of viewers cause the topic is hot these days. You can really start something that could make this toxic ageism new wave decrease perhaps. It looks like nothing now but this wrong way of thinking will soon really ruin the kpop experience of A LOT of people, we all grow up at some point. Imagine loving kpop but at a certain age you have to hide it cause the new norm is :old fan following new groups= p*do. Sana by twice loves newjeans and she is 25, nobody has a problem, a normal 25 Twitter user loves a younger group, he/she could receive tons of unjustified hate, ruining a healthy hobby. Charlie pith is 30 and a man, he shared nwjsn music, normal right? No, his age and gender were immediately target of hate. Please Do your part so that this won't be the new norm.

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