She's going viral on Twitter too and I really realized how genius Jun Soyeon's planning was and how buzzworthy Shuhua is. If Minnie was the main character in Tomboy, this time, I think it's Shuhua

Shuhua's voice color is so good and her expressions really changed a lot. Her blonde hair and aura are crazy... I understand why she has more parts this timeㅜㅜ

I'm so looking forward to their music show performances..

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1. [+50, -8]
Seriously, I don't know about anything else but the thing that shocked me the most and that I'm the most curious about is how Jun Soyeon was able to persuade Ye Shuhua to bleach her hair blonde when she was so adamant in not even dyeing her hair

2. [+45, -8]
I thought all this time that Shuhua was just untalented so they didn't give her any part but I think that she was given the least part because her Korean was so bad... if you search her up, you can see that Shuhua is a good singer. I was so shocked when I saw her sing Lee Hi's Breathe;; Why did I thought that Shuhua was a bad singer..? I was ashamed to have this prejudice against her..ㅜ

3. [+38, -4]
To be honest, Shuhua killed this promotion. She's so talentedㅜㅜ Shuhua-yahㅜㅜ Let's be a bit more greedy now... I'll look forward to what you have in store for the future!

4. [+30, -2]
Crazy, she has that web novel female main character vibe. She's kinda ethereal

5. [+23, -3]
I wish Shuhua could go on LeeMujin Service and sing a pop song there. I hope to see a day when Shuhua's Korean would be as good as Yuqi and Minnie'sㅋㅋㅜㅜ

6. [+12, -1]
No but I just learned that Shuhua was a '00 liner?? I was so shocked at how young she is └(・O・)┐ She's seriously freaking pretty.. I'm already looking forward to their next comeback

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