Starting from tomorrow, our kid will be appearing on Mnet's survival program "Artistock Game". I'm not sure how to write a business post about him, so I'm sharing his profile
Hobbies: Skateboarding, editing videos, dancing 
A word for the user(?):
Please invest in me, I will show you as much results as you put your trust in me! 

If people are wondering where you've seen him before, he was BAP's maknae Zelo who was known for his LTE rap 

He's 187cm tall 

And look at our kid dancing... 

He's tall and handsome, he raps well, he dances well, I wonder if this is finally time for Zelo to see the light. As a fan who now became a grandma, I tried writing a business post about him.. 😢

https://www.in:astly, stiz.net/naLastme_e:nter/85398556

Lastly, here's a picture of support for BAP's 11th years

original post: here

1. Hul that's Zelo??

2. He's a 96'er??? Wow he's still so young, I'm supporting !!

3. Hul it's been so long since I've seen Zelo.... I'll definitely tune in tomorrow's episode!!!

4. He's from BAP and he's only a 96'er? Looks like he debuted really young wow....

5. A 96'er from BAP wow......

6. Hul Zelo! I'll be supporting 💚💚

7. Wow ㅜ Zelo is a 96'er ????? Daebak, just how young did he debut?
> [OP] 16 y'o🥺 he was seriously so young 

8. Mnet's survival Artistock Game? Is this a program where artists will play games with each other? Or are they going to compete with music?
> [OP] It's kind of introducing the concept of artists being stocks... As a survival... I'm actually not sure eitherㅎ

9. What the? Why is this baby so tall already?

10. I was shocked when I saw his PR video. I was so glad to see him hereㅠ I'll support him 💛

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