For me it's Bangtan's Jin and ENHYPEN's Jake....

Jin seriously looks like a warm pretty boy and hamster-like on screen but wow, it was totally not the case in real life. He looks super duper cold and his face was seriously seriously seriously small. He's freaking handsome on screen too but combined with his unique aura in real life.. OMG
This gif is already famous but I think that this is the closest to his real life aura...

As for Jake, I'm just blaming the camera. It's so bad to the point that it makes me wanna cry. He just looks like a total different person.. The Jake that everyone sees on screen is not Jake... it's my first time seeing someone who looks this different in real life. The remaining members somewhat look the same but as for Jake, I almost lost my breath. These pictures are a bit similar to what he looks like in real life

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1. Uee for me, she was a celestial being...

2. It's an actor but Nam Joohyuk. He looked so different from the screen

3. NCT Haechan... I thought that he would look round but he looked sharp

4. Boo Seungkwanㅇㅇㅇ He's the handsomest in real life. We need to destroy all cameras

5. Jin, but since I saw him smiling brightly in real life, I found him so cute and he looked like a warm pretty boyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But his eyes are definitely bigger in real life

6. Taeil and Haechan

7. Suzy... She's pretty on screen too but screens really can't live up to her looks in real life, seriously

8. J-Hope for me... I didn't believe it was him when I saw him in real life

9. Mark. His cute image was so strong in my mind but when I saw him in real life, he was a total cold pretty boy.. he was just a man... He looked so manly

10. Yoora for me... I didn't even recognize her

11. Jin for me too... he's seriously seriously seriously the epitome of cold pretty boy

12. Jin for me too

13. Suga for me!! I thought that he would look like a fluffy cat but his T-zone was sharp and he was a statue-like beauty...😇🤦‍♀️

14. Haechan, Johnny...

15. Jin for me tooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he just looked like someone else

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