There are so many middle schoolers dressing up like this on Insta

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1. [+52, -2]
Nowadays, all middle schoolers dress like thisㅋㅋ also, they are obsessed with editing their  bodies. If you saw them in real life, they just look like babies

2. [+45, -1]
But seriously, how do they walk around in such short outfits...? I always finf kids wearing super short skirts so interesting

3. [+15, 0]
Whether they are middle schoolers, high shoolers or adults, why are you guys bringing up commoners' pictures to judge their bodies and hate on them? You guys are fellow women so does it make sense that you guys judge them so much? Then what makes you different from Hannams?

4. [+14, 0]
The leg editing is f*king weirdㅋㅋㅋ They look taller than western models. So strange.

5. [+13, -1]
They weirdly give off so much of that ABLY vibe (T/N: Korean Shein) so I can tell them apartㅋㅋ

6. [+11, 0]
They seriously look so cheap... you can tell right away that the clothes are cheap. As expected, you should dress your age

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