Where did she do them?... She doesn't have that unique lip filler look and they turned out very well, agree?

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But the "unique lip filler look" on her is freaking severe..? It's like she doing that pouty look.. She has that typical lip filler look

2. [+277, -45]
One of the side effects of getting lip fillers is that your lips will end up being crooked. To be honest, they are totally obvious just like eyelid surgery

3. [+191, -22]
It's freaking obvious when she's talking.. just go watch her MC on Music Bank

4. [+169, -20]
Dewww (T/N: pouting onomatopoeia) 

5. [+94, -178]
You guys are back at it again
"(The day of a Jang Wonyoung hater) Forced hate -> making things up -> rumors -> insisting that she's Chinese"

6. [+73, -11]
Botox on her lip corners, filler in her mouth corners, fat transplant to the center of her lip (((((I'm expressing my thoughts)))))

7. [+60, -3]
Whether she got fillers or something else, putting her pictures side by side like this, she really did change a lot

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