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Chuu also said, "I feel like I've accomplished something when I eat spicy food. And eating spicy food  seems to be a painless and quick way to relieve stress." Noteworthily, she added "Actually, I didn't have any income last year. Because it's expensive to buy food, I can solve this in one go by just getting spicy food and developped that habit." revealing her sad truth. 

Chuu revealed that she cut contacts with her mother for 6 months saying "I felt like there was a huge issue in my life, so I spoke to my family about it. But the answer I got from them was "even if you're facing losses right now, it's better to just endure it."" 

"Chuu shot this many ads, but she didn't receive any income yet, seems like the complaints were real.."

Staff(?): Let's wrap up Chuu Can Do It faster so we can go eat meat together <3

Staff: is this going to be on Chuu?

"I'm saving money"

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1. Does this make sense...?

2. ...? Isn't Chuu considered a pretty big celeberity with the amount of work she has? Even though I don't know the extent of her public recognition, the fact that she doesn't have an income is;;; 

3. No but I've seen her in so many TV ads, does this make any sense

4. What in the world, how is that possible?...... It's been a whiel she debuted already, I thought she was earning a lotㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. I always knew Chuu for her bright and cute image aigoㅠㅠ I feel bad for her... I hope this turns out well for her, Chuu, I support you!

6. Didn't she debut back in 2018?.....

7. Chuu shoots a lot of ads, but I bet her advertisement fees must not be that high

8. Chuu not getting an income is just the biggest joke of jokes... Does this make any sense?

9. Seriously why would you do this to a kid who is working so hard in life.. 

10. Please let's not swear at her family hereㅠ

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