One of the Saebbing moves that Vata (from SMF) made was the intro move where he was riding the motorcycle

When the scene was shown on broadcast, there were people saying how the move looked like ATEEZ' Say My Name dance

And this was ATEEZ on stage today

They did this sign, the meaning of this sign is

"I like that ATEEZ said it on stage so much... Today, they performed Say My Name and before starting the dance break, Wooyoung did the 'copy sign' and Yunho did the Say My Name dance, and at K-con Wooyoungie did the copy sign and danced to Say My Name... I'm so proud of them... I'm sorry for not knowing sooner" 

It's apparently called a "copy sign"ㅇㅇ even if you look it up on YT, you can find dancers explaining it 

(T/N: for reference, starts at ~1:08, the teacher explains that when the other party is copying his moves or when other people copying his moves, you would do the "copy sign" which is similar to an "=" symbol)

After doing this sign, he did the motorcycle move

Jung Wooyoung: Rather than Saebbing
- I will do LAW
- Anyways(?)
- I'm not doing Saebbing!

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1. It's way too similar?

2. Isn't this a common move though?

3. I don't watch SMF and I'm not familiar with aTEEZ but you're calling this move "common"? It's my first time seeing it

4. It's straight up the same move

5. I think that this has all the reasons to become problematic....? It's way too similar in a detailed way. And the reason why it stands out even more is that because the ATEEZ dance focused on the originality of that part...

6. I don't think that this is a common dance move at all?

7. I don't really watch a lot of dance videos but I saw that move for the first time in the Saebbing challenge but seems like there was a similar move before it... I think that the fans have all the rights to talk about it

8. ㅋㅋㅋ let's call them out

9. The moves are similar but the details are totally different

10. To be honest, it's way too similar. ATEEZ must've been shocked

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