Former iKON member B.I will be the MC of an upcoming survival program!

On October 24, representatives of the new DJ survival program “WET! : World EDM Trend” shared, “B.I has been chosen as the MC for ‘WET!’ which premieres on Channel S and Wavve this coming November 30.”

“WET! : World EDM Trend” is a survival program where top DJs will compete against other labels for a grand prize of 100 million won (approximately $69,258).

The program producers commented, “As ‘WET!’ is a program that’s been produced to become the foundation of global expansion for Korean DJs to receive love beyond the country and internationally, musician B.I, who is an artist with overseas influence and a talented producer, has been appointed as MC.”

Aside from music promotions, this will be B.I’s return to television broadcasts in over three years after he first became involved in a drug case in 2019. Shortly after reports broke, B.I left iKON and in 2021, he was eventually sentenced to a four-year probation period for drug usage. Since October 2020, B.I has been releasing music under IOK Company‘s affiliate 131 Label.

On November 18, B.I will release his EP “Love or Loved Part.1” while “WET! : World EDM Trend” will premiere on November 30.
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1. Are they crazy? Why choose a druggie criminal?

2. Sigh, f*ck, all of them are probably druggies

3. It's been a while since he's been out of YG now. Why is our country so lax when it comes to drugs?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both with celebrities and in real life...ㅋㅋㅋ

4. There are so many druggies around that you just can't catch them all. It's hopeless

5. A program showing their low standard by having a druggie as MC

6. Just why? I would've understood if he was super popular and that they were trying to get clout but it just seems like they are trying to attract trolls?

7. But he said he was retiring..

8. Use me instead, f*ck

9. So they really went with him.. the broadcast station is the issue here

10. Who's gonna watch this..?

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