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1. The lyrics are straightforward so it really matches the word "n*de" also, the MV is so well picked

2. The song gets better and better the more you hear it

3. Minnie and Soyeon's styling looks unnexpectedly good. Also, Shuhua had such a shocking transformation

4. The MV is seriously so niceㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Jun Soyeon's part was the most so-so

6. Shuhua is freaking pretty...

7. Wow this is my favorite I-dle song so farㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ wow... their MV is f*cking well shot

8. The MV was so fun to watch

9. Miyeon is seriously pretty. I gasped when she appeared

10. The song is freaking good

11. Miyeon is too pretty and Shuhua improved so much that she looks like a different person in every song. I couldn't even recognize her here

12. Not sure about the song but Shuhua is too pretty...

13. Wow f*ck, the MV is so pretty. Especially that character, I like her


First of all, the lyrics were crazy.. the more the song progressed...
Miyeon was freaking prety and she pulled off the 'How do I look' part the most...
Shuhua was too charming...
Minnie and Yuqi's voice colors were crazy
I can understand why people always say that Jun Soyeon is the best
But I feel like the concept might get divided opinions..
Since it's not a common style..

But I liked it!

But the song was so so so good...
Personally, I liked it better than when I heard Tomboy for the first time

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1. [+113, -12]
It's not my style but it's definitely a well made song.. She's seriously a genius for thinking of a concept like this

2. [+89, -9]
The song is seriously good. The sampling is also not too obvious and it was well used. The lyrics also fit the n*de concept and the part where the public went "You’ve got a dirty mind" when they were wondering how much to take off was so well planned. Shuhua got more parts and I rather think that Shuhua fits the 'How do I look' part more. Jun Soyeon's part was just crazy. And Yuqi was daebak when she was scratching her neck

3. [+83, -9]
The first part felt really like a Marilyn Monroe cliche when they talked about being dumb but also sexy...? Because of the lyrics, I thought that it would be a bit immature but the more the song progressed the more I got a reality check. When the latter part came in, I was suspecting my eyes and ears...it was freaking good. Personally, I think that this was Jun Soyeon's best rap so far

4. [+79, -6]
Miyeon and Yuqi's voices were freaking good

5. [+71, -9]
The last scene was an hommage to Banksy. It was daebak
"'Self-shredding' Banksy art, price went up 20x"

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