Lia before


Ryujin before


Yuna before


"I hope that Lulu shop gives some feedback over ITZY's. Yeji and Ryujin's tone are so low that it's severe and they look stuffy and sick. Yeji's eye makeup looks like a mess... And Yujin's bangs are always so awkward looking. Those 2 members are always wearing nude lips, please give them some colors ^^;; And Lia's eyebrows are so bad. And Stop giving Yuna nude lips with blonde hair"

"I know it's random, but I want ITZY to change shop. Their hair and makeup suck. Especially their eyebrows, they looks so weird. They received good responses twice for a shop that they went fo but they didn't keep that shop, rather, they went for Lulu. I don't have any ill feelings but perhaps it's because Oui Oui already takes care of so many celebrities so they can't take care of ITZY, but even their hoobae is going there. The way they're sporadically having normal makeup is making it ambiguous to get mad at. Just change the shop already"

Yeji lately

Ryujin before


"They're always giving her those red contour around her eyes and giving her color lenses, but it doesn't suit her at all... Evertime ITZY comes back, I always watch Ryujin's fancams, but I've never seen her with such oba styling"

- What's up with that tone troll (T/n: 톤그로 = tone troll = make up that ruins your skin tone)
- Even her hair is oba. I'm f*cking annoyed recently 
- For real, even her lip color is f*cking... She would've looked way better with volume on top of her hair but they're so negligentㅠ
- Ryujin's hair and makeup is seriously annoying this timeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

"Lia's eyebrows tooㅜㅜ It's such a shame.. Don't they know how varied eyebrow colors are lately... She has black hair, but they they gave her such strong black eyebrows...... Is there anyone who will be able to pull it off... Please don't give Lia black eyebrows, but ash brown or something lighter.. Just like the picture on the left, something moderate"

Yuna before


"Did she really style her hair.....? 
> It just looks like she tied her wet hair for too long and undid it... 
> If you look at her bangs, you can tell that the ends had no styling... Why would you fool around like thatㅠㅠ

"This is an edited picture, honestly, she can look legendary... The styling sucks so bad, what a shame"
- Even before her long hair was pretty, the issue is that ITZY changed their shopㅡㅡ Ryujin's eye makeup and hair are f*cking bad now
- She looks way better with longer hair???

"Yeji said that this is the first time she got the makeup [from them]?
ITZY, please change hair and makeup shop... This is severe"

"Look at Chaeryeong's and Ryujin's makeup difference"

"It was the same day and the same stage, but they don't look harmonious at all;; 
Chaeyreong's aegyosal is way too much 
and Ryujin's makeup just doesn't look like stage makeup" 

"Sneakers' promotions was so bad, especially Ryujin's hair was so neglected. And the makeup was over the top. People are even sending emails to the shop everyday, so they've been monitoring everything. They know for a fact that everone praised Checkmate's concept film and jacket, so why would they go for Lulu?"

"Can't we just stick with Oui Oui forever?"

"Oui Oui Atelier's stars!! ITZY"

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1. Lia's ones are actually pretty but the other kids are all so so...

2. That place really can't draw any eyebrows

3. Isn't Oui Oui super good with idols??? I've heard that IVE changed their shop for Oui Oui too 

4. They really can't draw any eyeliner, and the color combinations are f*cking bad too 

5. I did feel like they were a bit lacking this time, so it's because they changed shop... 

6. I was wondering how bad the difference was, but the before was way better... 

7. but Oui Oui is the place with Kiu ssaem right??

8. Chaeryeong really suited her makeup like a glove this time, but the rest are all bad wow...

9. Chaeryeong's aegyosal shocked me... Are you sure they didn't give her the iljin makeup....?

10. Seriously their bare faces are way better... Their makeup right now is just not itㅜㅜ

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