1. If you're really Korean, then you like Suzy

2. If our country was a Korean Empire, then the princess would be Yoona

3. If 'elegance' was a person, then it would be undeniably Lee Young Ae. Unnie, please be our president

4. Jun Jihyun's name is Jun Jihyun.. she was 'that' sunbae who was like a legend at school

5. Yes, that's right, this is Kim Taehee. Does she even need an explanation?

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1. Suzy and Son Yejin

2. My wannabe is Jun Jihyun

3. I was gonna say that this was problematic because it didn't include Son Yejin, Han Ga In and Han Yeseul but as I was scrolling down, I couldn't refute this...

4. Ah this is too hard for me, it's gotta be Suzy and Kim Yuna

5. I seriously like Suzy so much

6. Yoona but all of them are so pretty

7. If I could be reborn again, I want to be Jun Jihyun...

8. I agree that they are all pretty but my style is Son Yejin ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

9. Jun Jihyun,.............. Lee Young Ae...... I love you.........

10. All of them are pretty but Lee Young Ae is my style

11. Without Jun Jihyun, Lee Young Ae and Kim Taehee, I will give up being Korean

12. Suzy, Jun Jihyun and Kim Taehee

13. Suzy

14. I love Lee Young Ae's hanbok picture...

15. Lee Young Ae's gif looks like some traditional hollywood actress

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