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1. [+47, -1]
If only the company did the right thing with his promotions, he would've surpassed it already in his first week sales... It's ncie that this was achieved timely but I'm still resentful 

2. [+47, -1]
He's the fastest soloist to surpass 1M copies

3. [+40, -1]
I thoguht he already surpassed 1M, the more I listen to his song, the better it gets. His album is doing so well. He's also working hard in variety shows, advertisements, etc... It's a bit of a shame that we have to say goodbye for a while 

4. [+39, -1]
This isn't counting US and Europe yet 

5. [+36, -2]
But when I'm thinking about the first week sales... I'm boiling

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