This was their first tour and the scale was impressive. It's seriously fascinating how nobody was holding their phone and were just holding their slogans and lightstick. 

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I'm a fan of female idols but I find it hilarious when people call ENHYPEN flopsㅋㅋㅋ it's been a while since K-pop has changed and is now focusing on the overseas market and the scale has gotten way bigger. If they were popular in Korea, they would just be followed by a bunch of useless trolls and it would be so annoying... I hope my bias could be like them and gain a bigger fandom overseas so that they stop getting useless attention from the Korean public

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+ They added the Kyocera Dome in Japanㅠㅠ congrats on entering the Dome 

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They were also performing in bigger venues in the states than I expected

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HYBE must be really solid. Their rookies are growing steadily

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What's really impressive about ENHYPEN is that they will be performing at the Kyocera Dome which houses 55K attendees in their first tour.. (and what's more is that it was an additional concert) after the K-pop idols who are already super famous in Japan and who are big sunbaes to them, ENHYPEN is the next idol to perform there. I think that Engenes can be proud

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