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1. [+105, -7]
The IVE kids' appearances all give similar vibes. I kinda feel like they gathered a bunch of kids with light pigmented skin? Especially Gaeul - Leeseo - Wonyoung, I feel like they are like a 3-step transformationㅋㅋ Liz also looks similar but in a more exotiv way.... Konsuni (T/N: Rei) and Ahn Yujin are the only ones looking a bit different. But even then, I feel like Konsuni's styling in After Like gives off a bit of Gaeul/Leeseo vibe. Overall, they all quite have that princess vibe so I think that's why the kids look visually harmonious. They kinda have those visuals that were seen in Full Moon o Sagashite or other magical girls that were popular in the early 2000's. They are totally my style

2. [+97, -54]
But Leeseo is naturalㅋㅋ Leeseo's face is the real deal

3. [+77, -5]
That unique expression is similar...

4. [+50, -38]
Leeseo is prettier

5. [+33, -7]
That's why before knowing IVE, I thought that Leeseo was Jang Wonyoung

6. [+24, 0]
Even their way of singing is similar.. but I think that Leeseo is slightly a better singer

7. [+22, -2]
All of IVE are seriously charming and pretty!!!

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