It reminds me of F(x)'s Pink Tapeㅠㅠㅠㅠ
The beat felt rich and crazy
The beat kinda reminded me of Dumb Dumb + Russian Roulette + Psycho
That's why people always go "SM SM"...
I'm seriously so looking forward to Red Velvet's comeback

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1.[+82, -14]
Red Velvet's name really seems well-madeㅋㅋㅋ Even if you said to a commoner "is this a red or a velvet concept?" they will undesrtand right away. I feel like musically speaking, these idols have succeeded

2. [+65, -2]
I'm a fan of another group but I personally think Red Velvet deserves to be viewed highly in terms of their artistry, because its symbolic objects that are implicitly contain the concept of the album are innovative, and the directing power behind them also play a role. When you say "birthday", I only thought of a cake but they are making ReVe into a cake and the candles are all placed at randoms. Also, the way they are shoving the knives into the cake and setting things on fire feels like they are killing ReVe. It feels both creepy and cheerful

3. [+62, -7]
Something big is coming

4. [+49, -2]
If I look at the muffins in the video with the screws, I really think that it's related to Russian Roulette
"I got reminded of Russian Roulette a few times"

5. [+42, -1]
I seriously love this kind of vibe

6. [+34, 0]
It looks like the start of a horror movie..... I'm excited

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