[enter-talk] TXT IS GOING TO AMA

It's officially out, they're the 1st 4th generation idols to be nominated and it's impressive
The fact that they got invited on top of it kyaaah Seriously Moas can't believe how big they've become ㅠ
This is the first time that they're nominated so it might be difficult to get the award, but to be at this place is already such an honor, this is their start

Our 5, let's fly higher!!

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Participating in US largescale festival Lollapalooza, getting their first nomination and winning the award at EMA, #8 in US album sales, and now 1st 4th gen idols to et nominated at AMA and attending the red carpet... ❤️

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Honestly people really look down on red carpets for the AMAs...? Do you guys know anyone who have stepped on the red carpet aside from Bangtan in our country... You guys make such a big deal with people going on the red carpet for movie festivals even when they're not nominated so what's up with this selectiveness? This is a huge award ceremony in the US, it's so impressive that they did this. The comments are dumbfounding ㅠㅠ 

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Daebak... This is part of the big3 award shows in the US. It's also common for people to be unable to attend in their first nomination. This is amazing regardless of the awardㅠㅠ They received such a big response from the biggest market in the world and even went on a world tour this year ㅠ Now that they've seized a conservative portion of the market, next year, they'll become crazy. I'm looking foward to the world tour next year

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Congrats congrats

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Congrats congrats congrats

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All the companies are going crazy with their Friday comebacks because they want to aim for the US award shows no? The fact that they were able to get a seat there is f*cking awesome. Honestly, TXT only came back once this year and it was a Monday comeback, but their album shot to the top 10 in the US 

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