[enter-talk/theqoo] NCT 127 JAKARTA CONCERT GETS HALTED

There were over 30 people who fainted and they had to halt the concertㅠ
What to do? This is so scary... The people were worried and the members were worried too
The Itaewon tragedy just happened and this is happening again..
Seriously I hope that they just get rid of the standing area, no matter what performance

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It's sad but please follow the order a bit.. of course it will ultimately hurt the fans but it will also hurt the singers

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It's a freaking relief that they were fast to assess the situation and halt the performance. Seriously, ha..

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What's more is that they also had a bomb threatㅋㅋ also, they said it was the standing area, ha...

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Seriously, this is so sad. Please, let's follow the order in the standing area. It seems like it was mentally hard for the membesr too. They prepared for the concert but seeing the people in front of them getting hurt..

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I saw the videos on Twitter an... it breaks my heart ha ㅜㅡㅜㅡㅠㅜ I hope that the foreign 127 fans are safeㅠ


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1. Ha... seriously, what is this...ㅠㅠ I hope that people are fine. Also, I hope that we change all standing areas into standing areas with chairs

2. So that's what people were posting on Twitter

3. It infuriates me that SM hasn't even written one line about this. It also makes me so sad seeing the members apologizing on Bubble. The members who witnessed it in real time must have had the biggest shock. Just what is this company doing?

4. I'll get PTSD from the videos so I can't watch them ㅠㅠ

5. Seeing the trending tags on Twitter, the members' expressions were totally frozen. They kept telling people to go back...

6. No matter how filled up the standing area is and how much people push, the fence usually doesn't fall down easily. Did they install the fence too lazily?? They need to rethink the audience's safety;; It's my first time seeing this happening in a standing area... it's severe

7. I hope that standing areas with chair becomes a common thing....

8. Hul so they halted their performance... Seeing how it was because of safety issues, both fans and singers must be sad..

9. Ugh, everything else aside, I think that this will be hard on the members' mental health... I hope they rest well and overcome this ㅜㅜ...

10. SM hasn't released anything about this... crazy... this is just ha.. so frustratingㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ anyways, there must've been a lot of shocking things today. I hope they take care of the members' mental health...

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