Sorry for venting

Because of my job, I couldn't help it. I got most of my upper teeth laminated 10 years ago and also laminated 4 of my bottom teeth ㅜㅜ at that time, they told me that I had to get revisions every 7~10 years but I just ignored it

I was blinded by the goal of looking good so I just thought "as long as I look pretty, it's freaking amazing"
but of course, it went south and right now, my whole upper teeth have fallen out

I've been spending 700K~800K won per tooth to try to keep up with the fixes

The issue is that for example, I had to go on vacation and the week before, my teeth fell out and I looked as hideous as the evil doll Chucky

Even right now, I was eating raddish kimchi and took a bit and my teeth fell out so I have to go to the emergency tomorrow. So I got temporary veneers but I swallowed it while eating my hamburger and there's no more trace of it leftㅠㅠ

This isn't about the money issue, I just don't recommend getting laminated teeth at all. 
Every time I eat something, I have to be conscious of it, every time I go on vacation (long distance), I'm always scared that my teeth will break and fall out so I'm always paying attention to them.

I got mine done at a famous place in Gangnam 10 years ago and... the procedures were well done

However, the replacement period is fixed so you have to get them replaced every now and then (it's  around 5~7 million won every time)...ㅜ.ㅜ

To the people who have never gotten lamination and the people who are planning to get it, I strongly recommend you not to

Instead, please just get braces.ㅠㅠ

I'm so-so-so regretting this. It's just a bad procedure

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You must never get lamination. You will only know once you do it. OP spent her time to write this post and help the public but she's really right. If you're going to die in 3 years, do it

2. [+23, -9]
Do they tell you about this when you get braces? I've never seen anyone who was aware of this before getting braces

3. [+23, -1]
I also laminated all my teeth because I'm a model but I'm regretting itㅜㅜ But at the same time, I don't know if there's a better option... I'm getting depressed just thinking about how long I have to live with this. I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow because of my laminated teeth. I'm already worn out nowadays so just thinking about the cost is so frustrating

4. [+16, 0]
That's right. Our older cousin is a head dentist and she absolutely objects to it. She said that it might not be the case when people are young but for adults, getting braces isn't good for their gums. Also, she told me that if your wisdom teeth grow out straight, to not take them out. Because it will mess your roots. You really need to go to a good dentist. She's seen cases of people ruining their gums and roots of their teeth and were forced to wear implants

5. [+14, -1]
I went to consult my dentist and they told me not to do it. It looks good at the moment but with time and aging, I can understand why they told me not to do it. I went for consultation now that I'm older and asked if it was better than getting braces and they said that even for braces, it's really hard and painful to get them if you're old and that it would be better just to live the way I am ㅎㅎㅎ 

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