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It appeared on KBS news
"A competitor's intentional slander?... Investigatin Kakao Entertainment"

"Kakao Entertainment, running 'Idol Issues' account" 

"Kakao entertainment being under investigation... Confirming 'whether they're enticing the clientele in an unfair manner'

"The meaning of forced virality: Intentionally creating negative images through social media"

Article: Idol Issues - Le Sserafim 'Inkigayo' School violence suspicions Kim Garam excluded, 5 members attend"

The problematic account Idol Issues has harmed other idol groups and the example showcased here is Le Sserafim (aside from them, NewJeans, AESPA, NMIXX, (G)i-dle, etc. and other idols from the same generation as IVE were also victims) 

"We have carried out sanctions for violations of the law in relation to large platforms several times, and there are still several cases that we are investigating and reviewing."

Kakao: forced virality marketing (investivating), copysyght abuse (investivating)

Kakao mobility: Eliminating competing taxis (investivating), 'call spotlight' (deliberating) t/n: call spotlight, 콜 물아주기--> when a customer calls a taxi using the Kakao app, the Kakao taxis will have priority over other taxis which violates fair trade

KCube Holdings: Violation of separation of finance and commerce (deliberating) t/n: not sure what his one is about

"It's also suspcious how certain affiliated companies own the music charts, and the fact that they're owning a viral business is even worseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

Lastly, there's the Melon chart suspicions 

Melon's owner = Kakao 
Last September, they got purchased

Kakao = Starship's biggest shareholder

2. "IVE is sweeping the entertainment industry... Kakao entertainment laughing, why?"

3. “Singer and producer Park Jinyoung appeared in the newsroom and mentioned the case of accusing a broker of sajaegi. He said that a JYP employee met with a broker and recorded the contents of the sajaegi proposal, and based on the recorded file, four companies, JYP, SM, YG, and Star Empire, requested an investigation to the prosecution. The charges were dismissed for lack of evidence."

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1. IVE can be just as popular without this forced virality, just why?

2. From rigging to forced viralityㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're doing it all 

3. F*cking Kakao are f*cking r*tarded ㅗㅗㅗ

4. Melon and Kakao are so low 

5. Their virality is so calculated that it's almost sad how funny it is. They're freaking low 

6. F*cking dislikable 

7. They suck 

8. So this means that IVE aren't actually this good in Melon charts?? So who is supposed to be #1?

9. Do they really want to die on this hill?

10. Le Sserafim and NewJeans' individual members are all well-known so are their songs, meanwhile, I can't even tell how many members IVE has and who are they aside from 2 people. This is just the reality 

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