1. Someone cannot acknowledge their partner's 'difference'
Being in a relationship means acknowledging one another's difference and trying to adjust to each other
But in my case, it never happened
It was either adjusting to me or adjusting to them

2. Someone who cannot 'express refusal'
There are times when one should clearly state that they don't want/hate something if it's really the case
If someone is unable to do so, it will just pile up in their heart until it becomes uncontrollable and things will explode in a random timing
And then, the couple separates
3. Getting turned off by 'a weird trait'
If you think about it, it's nothing big but weirdly enough, this little part always turns you off
For example, always dropping food while eating

4. Someone who thinks that being in a relationship means that it always 'has to make your heart flutter'
Of course, it's impossible that it's always the case
Even so, they think that the default value is 'heart flutters'
As soon as things get too comfortable and no longer heart fluttering, they lose interest

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1. [+58, 0]
The example in #3 isn't a weird trait. If you're eating kimchi stew and that the soup always drips down, it just looks ditry... that's why it's a turn off..

2. [+53, -5]
1,2,3 are understandable but 4 isㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+52, -9]
None of you guys can relate anyways (T/N: because they are single)

4. [+47, 0]
I just break up because I don't love them. Even if I can like people easily, it's not easy to develop this feeling into love. If you're in love, you can even acknowledge your differences

5. [+42, 0]
So you're telling me that those are the most common reasons of break ups?

6. [+12, 0]
Ha the 3rd one, f*ckㅋㅋ... I honestly get turned off by weird things such as having chili flake stuck on your tooth;

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