[teens stories] EDAWN LOST 50% OF HIS FORTUNE

"Dawn "I can die for Hyuna...The engagement ring cost me 50% of my fortune"


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1. [+163, -11]
Personally, I used to like Hyuna's old concept more. When she started with Bubble Pop and Troublemaker with Jang Hyunseung were so nice. And she was successful. She was the best back then. Meanwhile all her songs after her relationship was revealed were... All not my style. They were too over the top and I didn't even look up for her stages anymore. Now that Hyuna is alone again, maybe we'll get to see her personal charm againㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ  I wish I'd see another song with her and Hyunseungㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+147, -5]
Honestly, now, they don't need to pull those 1+1 deal and she can sign contracts on her own so it's good. She should find a new company and release a song like Baby.. 

3. [+89, -2]
It was custom-made and this was the only one in the world. He won't even be able to sell it anywhere

4. [+67, -2]
Why is the title so funny 

5. [+63, -3]
How is E-Dawn going to earn his money from now? Does he have copyrights??

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