How is it so hot in this end of November? Usually, when we get entrance exams in the news, everyone is wearing long padding jacket. But this year, I haven't seen one padded jacket.... Also, if winter is this warm, then there's a high chance that we'll get a bunch of bugs next summer. Usually, bugs die because of the cold in the winter but... Am I the only one who feels like this is especially severe?

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1. [+144, -1]
That's why there's still a f*ck ton of flies right now

2. [+109, 0]
Wow even when I thought about this of the weather, I didn't think about the bugs at all but I suddenly got goosebumps

3. [+95, -3]
The earth is gonna get ruined soon so... In the '00s, people were already warning us saying that glaciers are melting and we'll be in big trouble within 50 years. But nothing has been solved since... At this rate, everything will collapse in one instant

4. [+85, -2]
This is the weather on iPhone. Starting next Wednesday, it will be freaking colr. Seriously global warming is f*cking severe

5. [+72, -1]
Wow usually, there's not 1 fly in our house in the summer but there's now a bunch of them in the winterㅠ every time I'm trying to sleep and close the lights, I just hear a bunch of buzzing... reading the comments made me realize that our house isn't the only one with fliesㅠ seems like flies can still survive in this weather

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