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In their Paris concert, they all wore their own brands, Chanel, Dior, Saint-Laurent and Celineㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Seriously, they are freaking pretty princesses....
Jennie and Jisoo still don't have any HQ pictures soㅠ I'll edit this post once they are out
But all of them fit their outfits so well

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1. [+41, -12]
Jisoo looks like some kind of princess and Lisa really looks like a pop starㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Rose kinda has that dangerous aura of someone riding a motorcycle, it suits her like a glove

2. [+35, -4]
Wow seriously, it's seriously so badass how their respective brands made outfits for their concert...ㅠ... for real, they are living in another world

3. [+34, -8]
I hope that Rose can do a rockstar concept once

4. [+34, -5]
Wow Lisa...

5. [+32, -12]
Jennie is f*cking pretty.... it kinda reminds me of her SOLO styling


F*cking pretty, f*ck..........
She just Chanel at this point....
Apparently, Chanel made this outfit for her specifically for her world tour

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1. [+17, -5]
Wow but I hope that she would wear outfis like this. Seriously, her aura is amazing. She keeps going for those provocative and innovative? styling nowadays and it's a shame

2. [+14, -1]
Why did she upload these in her story?... These are feed-material. Too pretty

3. [+13, -1]
All the members wore their own brands. Jennie's outfit is pretty too

4. [+13, -1]
I'm anxious about the clothes falling down

5. [+13, -2]
That's what I've been sayingㅠㅠ all of her solo stage outfits were pretty but today's fit her like a glove

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