I was wondering what they were talking about and her hairline is indeed awkwardㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
No but if her hair is thick and that she has a lot of it, then hair transplant would look super obvious on her
Go Yoonjung looks fine when she grows out her baby hair cutely and leaves her hair down but when she ties it up, it looks indeed awkward

For the people asking how I know that she did hair transplant, I'm writing this.
I also wanted to do my hairline so I went around for consultingㅋㅋ
But the thing is that everyone would just fill up their hairline thickly

In my opinion, the people who were born with naturally pretty hairlines are Jennie, Im Bora, Kim Yuna, IU and Han Hyejin

You can see how all of them have thin baby hairs
But people who did their hairline have random thick hairs

Hairs from the back of the head, front, and top of the head are different in thickness
Thicker on the back and thinner on the front
Hair transplant is done by pulling out hairs from the back of the head and planting it in the front
So it can't be helped but look unnatural

Also, if you consult them about having a zigzag hairline(?), they would design it like thisㅋㅋㅋ
So everyone ends up with the same hairline. Just looking them up a bit, you can tell right away

I also wanted to do my hairline but my mom showed be pictures of people who did theirs and told me just to cover mine with hair shadow instead

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1. [+91, -17]
Her nose and lower face look weird too

2. [+70, -38]
Why is Go Yoonjung getting so much hate on Pann? Honestly, when I look at the people around me, they all like her

3. [+56, -22]
Her face looks crazily good on Insta but... she lacks a bit of aura to be a female lead, acting aside... her lower face kinda lacks aura. I'm not in the position to be judging her but how is she the female lead..?

4. [+48, -2]
Wow but with her hair styled like that, it just looks like a modern drama. It doesn't feel like a sageuk at all

5. [+28, -29]
But why do you have such severe inferiority complex towards Go Yoonjung??

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