But every time I see Jinni, she reminds me of Song Hyekyo..

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Jinni as the center deginitely affirms the group's image more. Personally, I think that having Jinni as the center and Sullyoon and Bae or Kyujin and Jiwoo on the sides is visually compatible. The more I think about it, the more regrettable I think this is

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These pictures are f*cking cute. It's like the members are yielding the center to Jinni because she got so excited after receiving the awardㅋㅋ

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It definitely looks different

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NMIXX without Jinni... I don't think that people are saying that they wished she went to YG for nothing. I feel like she would've hit so big with a modern styling... Please give the celebrity life another shot

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This is the end... for NMIXX...

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I think that having Bae in Kyujin's spot next to Jinni looks safer. They put Bae on the side so Sullyoon stands out way too much with her height

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