[enter-talk] JUNGKOOK'S THICK NECK.........

Is strucking me.....

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1. [+107, -5]
For real, his face is pretty but his body is that of an oppa

2. [+100, -9]
Jungkookie looks pretty but his neck is thick and he has a jaw line so he also looks manly which I like

3. [+91, -3]
You bugs who are bringing up his past pictures because of your inferiority complex are back at it again. Just look at Jungkook who's at his all-time handsomest

4. [+85, -3]
But even if his neck is thick, it's long so it looks so good

5. [+83, -4]
His facial features are pretty but his body is a man's body so he's driving me crazy

6. [+75, -1]
I like his thick neck too but his body line is also art

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