They even included the Korean flag and the name tags. Stop bullsh*tting about her name being written as "Danieru", it's written "Mo Jihye" so I don't wanna see people insisting that it's a Japanese uniform and people editing their names in Japanese

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No but anyone can tell that the background was a Korean school, and that they were buying food in a Korean store and the string game they were playing in the classroom were reminiscent of Korean school memories, the uniforms are also old Korean uniforms so it annoys me how people still keep insisting that it's Japanese vibe and that it's inspired by Japanese school life.

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No but there's nothing to hate about whether they are wearing a Japanese uniform or a Korean uniform to start with but people are just trying to find something to nitpick and it's hilariousㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's not like they released some national anthem either so it's none of our business if this is Korean-inspired or not

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You Japan-shinyeos (T/N: slave/ derogatory term for fangirls) who make everything about Japan.. tsk tsk

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This is just nitpicking, it's not a controversy

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But you can tell right away that the vibe is Korean though??

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