Korea ranked #1 in pay disparity between men and women, f*ckㅎㅎ

"Comparison of the proportion of female executives on the boards of major OECD countries
- Korea 4.9%
- OECD 25.6%
- Japan 10.7%
- Canada 31.3%
- Denmark 33.6%
- Finland 35.1%
- France 43.3%
- Germany 25.2%
- Australia 34.0%
- England 44.3%
- United States 28.2%"

"Percentage of female executives on the board of directors of major countries (Ranked by 39 countries with 5 or more sample companies)
1. France 44.4%
2. Norway 40.9%
3. Belgium 35.9%
4. Sweden 35.0%
5. Italy 33.1%
37. Japan 5.7%
38. Pakistan 5.5%
39. Korea 3.1%"

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The working hours are different so will it make sense that the pay would be the same?? Women don't work overtime nor do they work overtime at night no? Even if you look at public servants or workers at a public company right now, is there a percentage of women women are being paid more at an hourly rate for shift work? It's not like shift work was so hard that women are unable to do them, they just don't do it because they don't want to no?
(Average weekly labor hours for employed men and women 
Yellow = men
Green = women
X-axis = years
Y-axis = work hours)

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ㅋㅋ even with these stats, people will whine about how the work that men and women do are different or that there's a disparity in capability and skills

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I'm bringing this in case people start whining about engineering schools
"I'm bringing these statistics because people always complain about how women don't go into natural sciences and engineering programs and go into jobs that don't pay. These statistics are from people who went to the same school, the same department and who got the same grade but women weren't able to receive 82.6% of men's wages of just because of their gender. That's the Republic of Korea.

Graph: The wage gap between women and men in their 20s (Women's wages if men's wages are 100 (%))
- If you are a college graduate in your 20s within 2 years of college graduation: 80.2%
- If you're from the same school, same department, same grade: 82.6%
- If you're in the field of government officials or public school teacher: 97.4%
- If you are from a two-year university program: 83.1%
- If you graduated from the top 10 elite universities: 78.3%"

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Korea is the only OECD member with a 30% pay gap between men and women. So you're not in a position to understand this topic nor in a position to be judging other countries' women rights

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Then you women should just start your own business

6. [+142, -90]
Seeing the comments here, I can tell that Hannams were the ones writing hate posts about female idolsㅎ

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