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Manchae's revolution
How was the Gayo Daechukje?? It was the first time I performed a collaboration stage alone without the unnies, and I worried a lot, but I'm happy that FEARNOTs seem to like it a lot >< Did I do well??? Please like it even more ㅎㅎ ​​HOT sunbaenim's cover stage and our carrier performance were so fun and today was meaningful. You'll look forward to the rest of the year-end stages, right? Good night, FREANOTs, I love you. This is it for Eunchae's Revolution today
(It's really really a shame but I couldn't take a picture of Love Like Oxygen.. I didn't have time.. really)"

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Eunchae is seriously cute.. She seriously plays the role of maknae in Le Sserafim so well

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Manchae is seriously cute and pretty

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Hong Eunchae expressing her eyes, so cute...

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Eunchae with bangs down are cute to death

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