[enter-talk] LOOK AT V'S IG STORYㅋㅋㅋ

How did he even find theseㅋ

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1. [+63, -2]
He found something cute like them 

2. [+56, -5]
The loveliesㅜ They're f*cking cute 

3. [+34, -0]
This was drawn by a fan 3 years ago during the Simpsons days, and they released it on IG 

4. [+28, -2]
Honestly I can tell who's who from the drawing right away

5. [+25, -11]
The one on top is Jungkook and the one at the bottom with V look so alike, they look handsome 

6. [+21, -19]
This is the drawing that was released. Let's use this for vote up/down purpose (t/n: Knets would use comments with lots of upvotes & downvotes to trick the system into not trending a post so to not attract haters/trolls) 
(Taehyongie used this drawing I did from 3 years ago what to do what to do what to do)

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